New and used Jib cranes supplied and installed with 3-phase hoists.

used jib cranes

Jib cranes with or without an electric electric hoist. We also install and test jib cranes.

Our NEW jib cranes come with an electric 2 speed chain hoist, push travel trolley, a jib pillar, a jib arm and all the electrical kit needed, plus warranties up to 3 years! We also supply new or used electric hoists to go with our jib cranes. Please call our "Jibette Queen " Chloe for prices, or email if you would rather.

Special Offer:

Overbraced 125kg jib crane c/w Demag DC COM

3.5m overall height x 3m arm

£1400.00 nett ex-works


Special Offer:

Overbraced 250kg jib crane c/w Demag DC COM

3m overall height x 3m arm

£1600.00 nett ex-works


We sell so many jib cranes we run a RED, AMBER, GREEN stock systems on the NEW jib cranes. RED being 4 or 5 weeks away, and GREEN in stock etc. We also stock some of the larger Donati base plates to spread to the load if your floor depth isn't the thickest.

In addition the rotating swing jib crane kits ordered from this page come with an electrical kit; comprising: On/Off switch, festoon cable, festoon trolleys and strainer wire for the pillar jibs arm.

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AG Cranes offer warranties on jibs and hoists of up to 3 years.

EMAIL YOUR INQUIRY or call 01527 854 600.

Unless it says OB (over braced) the jib cranes are ALWAYS under braced, where it says 2 speed, or 1 speed that refers to the hoists lifting speed. As standard we offer push trollies on the hoists.

As well as manufacture, we also supply, install, test and certify jib cranes and supply 415 volt hoists and trolleys.

Jib Cranes Terminology; click to find out more.

What's included; click here.


Please call Chloe today for free jib crane advice. 01527 894 825.

Jib cranes, pillar jibs, swing jibs and run out jibs can either be free standing, floor mounted or wall (column) mounted. Contact us now.

We have an installation team ready to go, just call.

used jib crane

Jib cranes wanted, bought, tested, installed or removed.